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Ion exchange equipment

4. Automatic mixed bed ion exchange equipment

 Equipment principle


The mixed bed equipment is filled with both anion and cation exchange resin to refine the feed liquid and remove impurities from it.


 Equipment features

1. The discharge pH is close to neutral.

2. Continuous and stable operation, high customer satisfaction.

3. The number of resin columns is several, so the cost of equipment and maintenance is little. 

4. Fully automated operation reduces human factors. The pH and conductivity of the material can be monitored online in time. 

5. The used valve from European brands is reliable and the system is pretty safe. Our team has rich experience both in installation and commissioning on the site. In addition, our company has perfect service system after sale.


1. Automatic mixed bed ion exchange equipment used in glucose, HFCS, maltose


2. Automatic mixed bed ion exchange equipment used in glucose, maltose


 Automatic mixed bed ion exchange equipment is widely used in the fields as follows.

-Sugar industry

starch sugar, including fructose, crystalline fructose, F42, F55, maltose, dextrin, etc.; xylose.

-Food industry

Stevia sugar, sorbitol, and xylitol and sodium erythorbate, etc.

-Pharmaceutical industry

antibiotics, etc.

-Thermoelectric industry

water treatment, etc.

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